The Vande Mataram Memorial is the latest and one of Ashapura’s most ambitious offering to the society and to the nation. This is a unique national monument and perhaps the only kind in the world.

It seeks to immortalize the most momentous episodes in India’s freedom struggle from the revolt of 1857 right up to the country’s Independence in 1947. The memorial complex is situated near Bhuj in Kutch, Gujarat over 10 acres of land; the primary structure of the museum admeasuring over 100,000 square feet is modelled on the likeness of the “Sansad Bhavan” (the Indian Parliament Building) and was constructed over 4 years with a mélange of inputs from prominent historians, architects, sculptors and artists

The Memorial seeks to commemorate the sacrifices of several freedom fighters and to perpetuate the spirit of unity and independence in the hearts and minds of posterity by enshrining the most crucial episodes of India’s freedom struggle from British rule, such as the first rebellion of 1857, Jallianwala Baugh, Simon Commission, Dandi March, Quit India Movement etc.

Vande Mataram Memorial,

Kutch Navnirman Trust,

C/o 69-1@2,Hiralaxmi Craft Park

Bhujodi - Kutch

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